Our Story – A Recap

PortalDAO is founded & stewarded by FutureThinkers.org.

We started Future Thinkers podcast in 2013 on a mission to explore the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness. Since then, we interviewed many prominent thinkers on the show, which got over 6 Million downloads, got into the top 30 tech podcasts on iTunes, and was featured in Forbes and BBC.

Two years ago, we announced our intention to start a village – a regenerative / protopian / civium / game B / smart village… we’re still working on the name for it.

A year ago, we released stage 1 of our SEEDS NFT, which was a way to raise funds for the project and give our early supporters a way to contribute and gain some rewards for helping us make this project happen. We had about two weeks to prep the NFTs, and we launched with some simple animated badges, a drone shot of the village land, and a promise that one day the NFTs would become something cool and useful.

In June 2021 we raised just enough money from family, friends, and listeners of the Future Thinkers podcast to purchase a 400 acre campsite and golf resort in Interior British Columbia, Canada… the place that would become a canvas for our village vision.

During our first year on the land, we learned countless lessons about land management: dealing with wild animals, driving and repairing heavy machinery, repairing sewers and water lines, installing satellite internet, planning permaculture gardens, and building infrastructure to host a larger number of people in the future. We are actually getting to see a lot of the lessons we’ve learned from our own podcast being applied practically.

In the first two months after acquiring the land, we had over 3000 visitors come in, and we quickly realized that the interest in the land and the project was far bigger than we originally thought it would be.

With everything going on in the world, interest in regenerative living, ReFi, and solarpunk has accelerated. We now see an increasing demand for this project to become a physical AND digital hub for people to learn, gain unique experiences, meet others, collaborate and build useful projects in their own communities. The only way regenerative living can truly scale is in a decentralized way – if more people start their own projects and then we all help each other.

Enter The PortalDAO

For years, we have talked about the need for a mycelial network of regenerative villages and people around the world working with similar goals in different fields.

And that’s where we want to introduce PortalDAO.io – the connective tissue between this global network of village builders, artists, and web 3.0 pioneers.

We see Portal DAO as a gathering place for creators to build and experience worlds. A mycelial web of mythmakers. A metamodern dojo. A lab for worthy experiments. A bootloader for Game B. A rabbit hole to tumble down.

PortalDAO’s 3 key activities are:

  • Make Protopian Art
    PortalDAO works with artists to create myths that build and heal society. Completed projects become part of the labyrinth of portals, telling the story of rebirth and regeneration.
  • Support Protopian Projects
    Artists and village builders can submit proposals and earn prizes for winning competitions inside PortalDAO. Archetype holders get voting rights on competitions and proposals.
  • Build Protopian Villages
    PortalDAO partners with regenerative villages around the world to build beautiful structures that strengthen communities and work with nature.

The PortalDAO project is an evolution of the SEED token. We will be giving all the SEED token holders a new NFT with all the same utilities as promised, plus a few extras. Thank you for your support!

Introducing The Archetypes

PortalDAO is accessed through an NFT collection called Archetypes.

Why Archetypes? We knew we wanted to embed deep and potent meaning into the art. We knew we wanted a deep lore, and something that could lead you down a rabbit hole of learning and discovery. We’ve covered a lot of subjects related to psychology and personal development, and few subjects have the ability to do that better than Archetypes.

Archetypes are ancient parts of the human psyche. They’re different modes of being that helped our ancestors survive and thrive. Archetypes go to the core of human experience. They’re a part of our collective unconscious, which is why they’re so ingrained in our myths and stories, where they appear in the form of characters.

With an NFT collection based on Archetypes we could build lessons, stories, and layers of meaning into the art from the deep well of literature on Archetypal psychology. Not to mention, archetypes as NFT avatars lend an interesting dimension of personality to the project.

What do Archetype holders get?

Archetype NFTs are access keys to PortalDAO. They are a way for people to get involved in this mycelial network of village builders, artists, and web3 enthusiasts – even if they aren’t physically present at the village.

We are giving Archetype holders a lot of different perks.

Journey – Access to Portals

The Portals are the gateways between the content, art, games, unlockables, and physical and digital locations. Archetype holders will get access to exclusive experiences designed to give you a sense of awe, teach you things, connect you to others, and lead you down a rabbit hole. New portals will open as others close. New destinations (including other villages) will become accessible, and new portals will open to guide you there. Sometimes portals will hide in plain sight, and only reveal themselves to those who know what to look for.

Gift – Future Airdrops

Gifts can be as simple as members-only perks, discounts, giveaways, and airdrops, or they can be the beginnings of more Journeys. Sometimes a gift is a gift, sometimes it’s a portal.

One of the first gifts will be the Archetype vector project files so you can make your own Archetype wall art in a maker space using a 3D printer or CNC machine. Other gifts will include the 3D project files, music files, and behind-the-scenes videos. You also get full ownership of your Archetype high-res art, with commercial rights to it.

Gathering – The PortalDAO community

Members-only IRL events (hackathons, retreats, parties), community zoom calls, and game nights are all part of the Gathering utility. Every year, we will hold at least one large-scale members-only IRL event at the village.

Gathering also includes membership to PortalDAO, including access to private Discord channels.

You’ll get voting rights on proposals and competitions inside PortalDAO

  • Vote on protopian project proposals
  • Vote on physical art installations at the village (and future villages)
  • Vote on design competitions for buildings at the village
  • Vote on the types of events, education, and programming you want to see

You will also get early access to pre-mints for future NFT collections. Every Archetype holder will get the first chance to sign up for the pre-mint of future NFT art collections released through PortalDAO

Wisdom – The growing knowledge base

The wisdom utility represents special passes to courses & educational materials and events. Future Thinkers has had a long history of creating courses and workshops, as well as hosting other teachers who lead workshops of their own.

Eventually we hope Wisdom will become a large digital knowledge base, where courses, workshops, and hackathons are created and shared with the community so that every node in the network becomes strengthened.

Pre-Launch Roadmap

5000 Archetypes
NFT designed

Archetypes Season 1

Registration Open


Main Mint

Year 1 Roadmap

Early Adopter
Archetypes Drop


CNC Vector
Files Dropped

"Game B Village"
Render Challenge

Behind the Scenes
Video Drop

3D Project
Files Drop

'Archetypes IRL'
Wall-Art Contest

High Res Camera
Angles Drop

First Portals

DAO Launch &
Gov Token Release

Year 2 Roadmap

Archetypes Season 2

Festival / Hackathon

Eco Village

Maker Lab


The Central Attractor

We believe the first thing every village needs is a “central attractor”. A place where the community goes to gather, host parties, learn, share ideas, and build together. A community hub.

Historically those places were known as the speak-easy’s, the salons, the Juntos, the Stoas, and in very early history, they were the campfires.

Our community hub will be a place to get to know one another, share ideas, learn new things, look at some art, have a coffee , and maybe have some fun and unique experiences in an inspiring environment.

Our plan is to combine these elements into a community hub:

  • Cafe & Co-Working space
  • Event center for
    • Live music
    • Community gatherings
    • Education
    • Games
    • Meditation
    • Etc
  • Projection dome for displaying
    • Movies
    • Art
    • Educational content

We hope that this model of multipurpose community hub will catch on and other villages around the world will want to become part of our network and build their own “central attractors”.

As our hub is designed to strengthen the local community, people living in our local area will be able to attend our public events without holding an Archetype NFT.

Archetype holders will have a special role in the hub, and will be able to:

  • Vote on the art displayed at the gallery
  • Vote on design competitions for physical art installations and buildings at the village
  • Get free or discounted access to events at the community hub, accessed physically and digitally

The Opportunities of Web 3.0, applied

In many of our podcast episodes we’ve talked about the different opportunities and utilities of web 3.0 technologies (crypto, blockchain, DAOs, NFTs). A few years ago, we made a video called “19 Industries the Blockchain will Disrupt” which at that time became one of the most popular videos about blockchains in the world. Seeing the rapid adoption of web 3.0 tech in the last couple of years due to the popularity of NFTs has been really exciting.

With the launch of our village project, we knew we had a unique way to bridge web 3.0 with some real world protopian projects. We want to fund and build protopian villages and art, educate people, create beauty, and bring people together around this solar punk / regen movement.

There are so many opportunities with blending the web 3.0 world with small-scale distributed regenerative villages around the world. We can do a whole lot of experiments, like this:

Village Experiments

How Portals Work

Parts of Protopia

I Want To Be Part of This!

If all of this sounds awesome and you’d like to be part of this, here are a few ways to get involved:

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