Square Masks Represent the Passport & the Membership

These masks are an access key to the membership, which includes all 4 guilds:


Coordination & Action Network

Fire - Wisdom


Learning Network


Dealflow & Trade Network


Experiential Network

Each mask is 100% unique, and some masks come with secret / hidden perks and membership to hidden tribes. You can trade masks to get the ones you like, and you can buy multiple masks to solidify your long-term membership to the community.

3D Archetypal Masks represent different functions within the network

These masks can come with features such as:

  • Event tickets
  • Deals and investment contracts
  • Stays / accomodations within villages across the network
  • Hidden journeys, geocache adventures, and unlockables.
  • Meetups
  • Governance rights
  • Access to courrses & workshops