The Why, How, What of PortalDAO

The Why: Our Vision

Framing The Problem

Modern capitalist culture consumes the substrate that it grows on. It is not regenerative. Our world is going through many crises – we are at a time between worlds. We need to grow truly regenerative cultures if we are to survive and thrive on this planet.

Culture is the connective tissue between individuals, relationships, communities, bioregions, economics, and politics.

Many social issues stem from culture, and can be addressed through culture. 

Growing Regenerative Culture

Our vision is to create and grow a regenerative culture of art, wisdom, and resilience.

These three pillars are most important to us because wisdom is what helps us make better decisions that are win-win, resilience helps us adapt and recover from disrutions, and art helps us transmit the deepest aspects of human experience in a way that nothing else can.

The How: Our Mission

Building Holistic Systems

Our mission is to create holistic systems that serve as the backbone on which a regenerative culture of art, wisdom, resilience can grow.

This backbone comes in three modes of engagement—head, heart, and hands.

The Head represents systems thinking and technological innovation, the Heart represents community building and relational practices, and the Hands represent a grounded connection to the land, physicality, and health.

This is the foundation of a well-rounded and integrated regenerative culture that encompasses the intellect, emotions, and physical well-being of its participants.

The What: Our Method

Experimentation and Iteration

Culture is a living thing. It is emergent and responsive to the people within it, the relationships between them, our relationship with the land, and the outside world.

Our ancestors knew this, and we have much to leard from them.

Experimentation and iteration are essential for a culture to be healthy and well adapted, especially at a time in history when everything is changing fast.

The Culture Labs at PortalDAO are the places where the magic happens. Each Lab provides a unique space for collaborative experimentation, from crafting transformative quests and artwork, to forging partnerships, organizing events, facilitating learning opportunities, and collectively governing the DAO’s decision-making processes.

The Labs emphasize rapid deployment of many parallel low-cost experiments with the intention of quickly learning and sharing lessons and data with our community.