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Our Story


PortalDAO is a project founded by the co-hosts of Future Thinkers Podcast, with the goal of developing tools for DAOs that combine software, governance models, group practices, and AI assistance to build better tools for collective decision-making. The team has been testing collective decision-making, governance, co-living, and sustainability models on their 400-acre campsite and RV resort in Wells Gray, BC, Canada, and is now developing a DAO for DAOs that focuses on figuring out the optimal route for scaled-up collaborative group decision-making. In addition, they have also created the world’s biggest collection of AI-generated masks based on archetypes.

Our Values


Our DAO will prioritize the development of resilient systems and practices that can withstand unexpected challenges and thrive in the face of adversity.


Through the integration of art and creativity, we aim to inspire innovation and encourage new perspectives within our community and beyond.


We believe that collective intelligence and wisdom can be harnessed to solve complex problems, and will strive to foster an environment of lifelong learning and knowledge-sharing within our DAO.


PortalDAO is divided into 4 Labs. Each lab provides a different arena for experimenting with a variety of collaborative tools.


Experience Lab
Journey is about co-creating quests and experiences.


Reward Lab
Gift is about co-creating bounties, giveaways & prizes.


Event Lab
Gather is about co-creating meetups, retreats, and events.


Learning Lab
Wisdom is about co-creating courses, workshops, and media.

A New Way To DAO

PortalDAO’s interface is built to rapidly iterate and test diverse governance models to implement the most effective strategies for each project.

“Help me get started and catch up on missed community calls.”

“Assist me in writing and evaluating proposals related to permaculture and eco-villages.”

“Introduce me to key members of the community.”

“Provide a simplified understanding of the DAO’s current activities.”
“Perform sentiment and predictive analyses on my proposals.”
“Help me participate in the DAO’s holonic governance structure.”

Ai Assisted Governance with ChatGPT

Welcome to PortalDAO, I am your ChatGPT assistant. I have access to all community call transcripts, proposals, voting results, discord channels, training materials, and website data for this DAO and I can help you learn anything you need to know in this community. 

A Real Place For Experiments

PortalDAO benefits from having access to the Wells Gray Golf and RV Resort, a physical location for experimenting with decentralized collaboration tools. This resource allows us to explore both digital and physical worlds and push the limits of what is possible for DAOs and communities.

Archetypes Are The Key

Access to PortalDAO membership is granted through ownership of Archetype NFTs. Each Archetype NFT mask is unique and comes with secret perks. Archetypes can represent the different characters of a community.

PortalDAO Membership


Join the PortalDAO community and enjoy governance and voting rights, airdrops, discounts, limited edition merchandise, access to partnerships, NFT rewards, early investment opportunities, and collaborations with other related projects.
NFT holders can participate in voting for various decisions related to PortalDAO, such as milestones, labs, and product development.

Governance and voting rights

We distribute airdrops of tokens or other rewards to our NFT holders.


Members who hold our NFTs receive discounts on products, services, and merchandise.


We offer limited edition merchandise or other collectibles exclusively to our NFT holders.

Limited edition merch

The PortalDAO treasury receives a percentage of sales or other revenue generated from NFT trades or other products or services. NFT holders have the ability to make certain decisions about the way those funds are used.


We have created a rewards program where our NFT holders can earn additional NFTs or other rewards for their loyalty or engagement with the DAO.

NFT rewards

Our NFT holders receive early investment opportunities in our business or related projects, such as land based deals and profit shares.

Early investment opportunities

We explore partnerships with other related projects and communities to offer additional benefits or utilities to our NFT holders.



Dive deeper into the PortalDAO world with exclusive access to online events and webinars, courses and educational materials from our partners, access to experts and data, and collaborations with other related projects.

Everything from Citizen

Our NFT holders receive exclusive access to certain online events, webinars, and content that is not available to the general public.

Exclusive access

FT holders have access to courses and educational materials from our partners, such as Future Thinkers.

Access to knowledge

NFT holders have access to experts or mentors in our industry, such as past Future Thinkers Podcast guests, through group workshops and Q&As.

Access to experts

Our NFT holders have access to PortalDAO labs, governance experiment data, and other research.

Access to data


Get the ultimate PortalDAO experience with a ticket to our yearly in-person summit, priority access to accommodations, and a complimentary limited edition t-shirt for each year of membership.

Everything from Citizen & Seeker

We offer a ticket to our exclusive yearly in-person summit to our NFT holders, which includes prominent people from our network, such as past Future Thinkers Podcast guests.

Physical event ticket

Our NFT holders get priority access to accommodation bookings at partner projects, such as Wells Gray Resort.

Priority access to accommodations

NFT holders get a complimentary limited edition t-shirt for each year they are a member.

Physical merchandise

You Decide The Roadmap

Ideas / Scheduled For Vote
Passed / In progress
Create an NFT sponsorship platform
Launch the content / blog platform
Build the Proposal System
Purchase the Wells Gray Golf & RV Resort
Generate 12k Archetype Mask NFTs using Midjourney
Design 10k 3D Archetype Mask NFTs (for use in future PortalDAO sales)

Join the Movement

Become a part of the PortalDAO movement by purchasing an Archetype NFT, participating in community calls, and helping to co-exciting cutting edge projects in our 4 Labs. Join us today and take the first step towards a more collaborative decentralized future.