The Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is a narrative framework that describes the journey of a hero from the ordinary world to a world of adventure, transformation, and return. The hero’s journey is a universal story that has been told in many cultures and across many generations.

The hero’s journey is important because it provides a powerful way of understanding the human experience, particularly the experiences of growth, change, and transformation. It highlights the common patterns and themes that underlie our personal and collective stories, and provides a roadmap for understanding the journey of self-discovery that is a fundamental part of the human experience.

The hero’s journey is archetypal, meaning it is connected to our own evolutionary history and the collective unconscious. The hero’s journey taps into universal human desires, fears, and motivations, and speaks to our universal human experiences of growth, change, and self-discovery. The hero’s journey is also symbolic of the journey of the human species itself, reflecting our common aspirations and challenges as a species. The recurring themes and patterns in the hero’s journey are a testament to the timeless and universal appeal of this story and its enduring relevance to the human experience.

The following diagram shows how we built the hero’s journey into the lore and structure of the PortalDAO project. Each utility or aspect of the membership corresponds to stages within the hero’s journey.

Mouseover each of the bubbles to expand on each stage.

The Call

Call to Adventure

The hero receives a call to go on an adventure, often in the form of a challenge or a quest. This call marks the start of the hero's journey and sets the stage for their transformation.


The hero is given a gift, often in the form of a weapon, tool, or magical item, to help them on their journey. This gift represents the hero's potential and the resources they have available to them.


Crossing the Threshold

The hero crosses the threshold into a new world or realm, leaving the familiar behind and facing new challenges and obstacles. This stage represents the hero's commitment to their journey and their bravery in facing the unknown.


The hero sets out on their journey, facing obstacles and challenges along the way. This stage represents the beginning of a rite of passage and the hero's determination to see it through.


Abyss: Death & Rebirth

The hero must confront their greatest fear and undergo a metaphorical death and rebirth, symbolizing their transformation and growth. This stage represents a turning point in the hero's journey and a time of self-discovery and personal growth.


The hero rallies and regroups with allies, forming a community of support and encouragement. This stage represents the importance of collaboration and the power of a group to overcome obstacles.


Atonement & Return

The hero atones for their past actions and mistakes, and returns home a changed person, often bringing with them a gift or boon for their community. This stage represents the hero's integration of their new knowledge and experiences and their ability to use them to benefit others.


The hero learns from their experiences and ordeals, gaining new insights and wisdom. This stage represents the growth and self-discovery that the hero experiences on their journey, and the impact it has on their understanding of the world and themselves.