Create an Initiation Journey

Create an initiation journey through digital, online community, and physical spaces to provide an immersive experience for individuals to learn about PortalDAO, its values, and its ecosystem.

Maker Mask Collection

Creating physical handcrafted masks based on the Archetypes NFT collection and establishing a maker space at Wells Gray Resort.

Let’s Build An AR/VR World for collaborating in the Metaverse

The proposal is to build a Pyramid Art Gallery in Unreal Engine 5, which serves as a digital meeting place for the PortalDAO community, an art gallery for Archetypal Masks NFTs, a treasure-filled pyramid with secret passages, puzzles, and educational content, and can be experienced VR and AR.

Geocaching Journey

The proposal is to build a geocaching journey / right of passage / treasure hunt on a 400 acre property in Wells Gray BC Canada, where participants will experience resilience-building activities, art installations, and gain wisdom as they solve puzzles, find hidden caches, and unlock prizes.