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Creating physical handcrafted masks based on the Archetypes NFT collection and establishing a maker space at Wells Gray Resort.

Long Description

This art initiative aims to create a maker space at Wells Gray Resort and produce unique archetypal masks inspired by the Archetypes NFT collection. By purchasing our NFTs, individuals contribute to the development of this creative hub and enable the distribution of archetypal masks as prizes and rewards for completing courses and journeys. These masks empower individuals to embody desired personality traits or shed dysfunctional ones, promoting personal growth and self-awareness. This initiative merges art and personal development, fostering a regenerative culture where individuals can explore their identities and transform themselves, guided by the power of symbolism and artistic expression.

How This Project Contributes to Regenerative Culture

The masks empower individuals to explore their identities, promote personal growth and self-awareness, and merge art and personal development within our community.

Current Needs

We already have the space at our main location, we just need a CNC machine, laser cutter, 3D printer, and a few other things to build out the maker space.

Current Status

We’re slowly building 3D masks as we find the time for it, but at the moment we need to find sponsors for the equipment to build these masks.
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Each mask was created using Midjourney and a series of prompts related to Archetypal psychology.

3D Printed Masks

Laser Cut Masks

CNC Routed Masks

Metal Casted Masks

Proposed Sponsors​

Inventables is a US-based company that develops and sells innovative digital fabrication tools and materials for makers and creators.

Prusa 3D is a Czech-based company that produces open-source 3D printers and related software and accessories.

Glowforge is a US-based company that produces a range of 3D laser printers that can engrave and cut a variety of materials with precision.

How You Can Contribute

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@FutureThinkers_ and @PortalDAOkey are building a maker-space at Wells Gray Resort and plan to build a collection of real Archetypal masks based on their Archetypes NFT collection. What are the best CNCs, 3D printers, or laser cutters our there that might be a good fit to sponsor this project?

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Money raised through the sale of the Archetypes NFTs goes to these projects and the overall mission of designing and growing regenerative culture. Sign up for the Allow List to reserve an Archetype.

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We want to make sure this project is very values aligned; meaning only people who are interested in or actively contributing to the vision of growing regenerative culture should become members of the DAO. If you know someone who fits that description, send them your referral link (you need to sign up for the allow list to create an account, then login and go here to find your link).

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