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Establishing a calendar of group calls within PortalDAO for transformative practices and community engagement.

Long Description

The proposal is to launch a calendar of group calls with guest facilitators for different practices, such as shadow work, collective intelligence, and group collaboration, inside of PortalDAO. The calendar will provide members with a variety of opportunities to participate in live calls with experienced facilitators and engage in meaningful and transformative practices. Each call will focus on a specific theme or topic and incorporate different techniques, such as meditation, visualization, and dialogue, to facilitate personal and collective growth. The group calls will also allow members to connect with like-minded individuals, share insights and perspectives, and develop a deeper sense of community within PortalDAO. Overall, the calendar of group calls will be a valuable resource for members to cultivate new skills, expand their knowledge, and enhance their well-being.

How This Project Contributes to Regenerative Culture

The group calls foster personal and collective growth, knowledge-sharing, and community connection within the DAO.

Current Needs

Facilitators, call leaders, schedulers.

Current Status

Planning phase.
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How You Can Contribute

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If you were to get a group of people together in a zoom call to discuss ways to improve collective decision-making, who would you invite?

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Money raised through the sale of the Archetypes NFTs goes to these projects and the overall mission of designing and growing regenerative culture. Sign up for the Allow List to reserve an Archetype.

Invite a Friend

We want to make sure this project is very values aligned; meaning only people who are interested in or actively contributing to the vision of growing regenerative culture should become members of the DAO. If you know someone who fits that description, send them your referral link (you need to sign up for the allow list to create an account, then login and go here to find your link).

Join The Calls

Every Wednesday at 9am PT we do a group call to discussed these projects and the big picture of regenerative culture design. Join here.

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