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Building 10 geodesic glamping domes at Wells Gray Resort.

Long Description

This proposal aims to fund the construction of 10 geodesic glamping domes at Wells Gray Golf & RV campsite, providing sustainable and immersive accommodations for visitors, including members of PortalDAO. By purchasing NFTs from our DAO, individuals can directly contribute to creating eco-friendly and comfortable lodging options. The addition of these domes will enhance the capacity to host retreats, workshops, and educational programs, enabling us to accommodate more people and offer participants a more enjoyable and transformative experience. This project aligns with regenerative culture by promoting sustainable tourism, connecting people with nature, and supporting the growth of our community. To fund this project, we propose two options Option 1) Presell time in the geodesic domes (possibly using access-NFTs) for 2-3 years in advance to generate the needed revenue to build the domes.  Option 2) Raise a larger amount (about $10k per investor) and do mezzanine financing (limited profit share). This will be done in private a agreement between Wells Gray Resort and the investors.  Once the glamping domes are built, members of PortalDAO will be able to access them through a reservation system at and will receive first priority on bookings.

How This Project Contributes to Regenerative Culture

By providing sustainable and immersive accommodations, we promote eco-friendly tourism and connect people with nature while they experience our regenerative events.

Current Needs

Next we need contracts for the mezzanine financing, and some on-site volunteer labor.

Current Status

Land has been cleared to make room for the domes and the team is in place. Next steps are to raise funds.

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@FutureThinkers_ are raising some funds to build a bunch of geodesic glamping domes at their campsite in Wells Gray BC. What would make this sell out?

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