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Integrating ChatGPT into PortalDAO's governance and collaboration processes.

Long Description

The proposal is to develop ChatGPT integration into the governance and collaboration processes inside PortalDAO. ChatGPT, a powerful AI language model, can be used to streamline communication, facilitate decision-making, and enhance collaboration among members of the DAO. With ChatGPT integration, members can leverage the model's natural language processing capabilities to analyze, summarize, and categorize information, as well as to generate insights and suggestions. This will help to reduce the workload on humans, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of decision-making. Overall, ChatGPT integration has the potential to transform the way members of PortalDAO interact and collaborate, making the governance process more effective, transparent, and inclusive.

How This Project Contributes to Regenerative Culture

The integration streamlines communication, enhances decision-making, and promotes inclusive collaboration, improving the effectiveness and transparency of the DAO's operations.

Current Needs

We need a developer who is familiar with ChatGPT and Rest APIs, and people with experience facilitating group calls and collective intelligence practices.

Current Status

Currently in development but seeking funding.
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Development Blog

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How we used Chat GPT to build our integration with Chat GPT.
ChatGPT Integration - Dev Blog #2
A taxonomy of information - how ChatGPT could participate in DAOs and how to organize the database based on frames, roles, and activities.
ChatGPT Integration - Dev Blog #1
Conceptualizing how ChatGPT can be used in a DAO; activities, prompt ideas, and benefits.

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