Design 10k 3D Archetype Mask NFTs (for use in future PortalDAO sales)

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PortalDAO initially designed 10k unique 3D Archetypal Masks as access tokens, but they were too special for that purpose, so they will be turned into something else. An additional 10k Archetypal Mask NFTs were produced using AI, totaling to 22k NFTs, and they plan to collaborate with the PortalDAO community for a future launch.

Long Description

This was the original design for PortalDAO. We produced 10k unique 3D Archetypal Masks with the intention of using them as the access tokens for PortalDAO. We realized shortly after that these NFTs were a little too special to be used as a basic access token, so we decided to turn them into something else. This NFT collection could turn into something earnable, or something that represented specific deals, proposals, or contracts for larger projects within the PortalDAO network.

Right around this time, Midjourney came along and we decided to produce another 10k Archetypal Mask NFTs using Ai. So in total, we actually have about 22-30k NFTs in total, but we plan to launch collections at later points in the future.

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Money raised through the sale of the Archetypes NFTs goes to these projects and the overall mission of designing and growing regenerative culture. Sign up for the Allow List to reserve an Archetype.

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We want to make sure this project is very values aligned; meaning only people who are interested in or actively contributing to the vision of growing regenerative culture should become members of the DAO. If you know someone who fits that description, send them your referral link (you need to sign up for the allow list to create an account, then login and go here to find your link).

Join The Calls

Every Wednesday at 9am PT we do a group call to discussed these projects and the big picture of regenerative culture design. Join here.

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