Let’s Build An AR/VR Pyramid

The proposal is to build a Pyramid Art Gallery in Unreal Engine 5, which serves as a digital meeting place for the PortalDAO community, an art gallery for Archetypal Masks NFTs, a treasure-filled pyramid with secret passages, puzzles, and educational content, and can be experienced VR and AR.



Lets build a Pyramid Art Gallery in Unreal Engine 5 with secret passages, puzzles, and hidden treasures.


  • The pyramid has multiple functions.
    • It is meant to be a meeting place for people in the PortalDAO community.
    • It is an art gallery that displays thousands of Archetypal Masks NFTs, and allows people to buy the artwork on the spot
    • It is full of puzzles, secret doors and passages, journeys, rites of passage, educational content, and secret unlockable prizes.
    • Eventually the pyramid will be added to an Augmented Reality program so that people can place it in the real world (or VR) and walk through the pyramid.


  • Terraced fields
  • Misty Alpine forest
  • Several geodesic glamping bubble domes scattered around the mountain
  • Mayan style pyramid at the top of one of the terraced hills
  • One side of the temple is mostly glass and overlooks most of the terrace fields, the valley, and the domes


  • The top of the temple is glass and allows god-rays into a small room with floating art on the walls and a mini-glass pyramid in the center of the room with a beam of glowing blue energy and fire inside.
  • Stairs lead down to each level of the pyramid, where more floating art on the walls, glowing backlighting, shiny marble floors, and god-rays coming in from the skylights.
  • At the front and center floor of the pyramid is a sort of lobby with stone seats and stone walls, and a large glass wall overlooking the terraced fields.
  • Throughout the middle floor are many long hallways with slanted walls and more artwork stretching down the hallways.
  • The gallery continues below ground and the pyramid inverts; the walls start slanting outwards instead of inwards, and more lighting is present.

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