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Three Projects, One Mission

Adapt & Make Change Through Art, Wisdom, and Resilience


PortalDAO fosters experimentation with decentralized collaboration and group decision-making by combining software, group practices, governance models, and AI assistance.


A podcast about the evolution of technology, society, and consciousness. Also the founders of PortalDAO & Wells Gray Resort.


A beautiful golf and RV resort in Wells Gray British Columbia, Canada and the home of the Future Thinkers Smart village project and the PortalDAO experiments.

Welcome to the PortalDAO Partners & Sponsorship Program

We’re looking for companies who share our passion for sustainability, eco-friendly living, decentralized collaboration, and maker-culture.

If you’re a maker of products such as electric bikes, alternative transportation, solar panels, makerspace equipment, 3D printers, alternative energy sources, prefab home kits, or anything that would be of use in an eco village, we’d love for you to join us!

Our audience is made up of young, tech-savvy individuals who are interested in living in eco villages and are globally connected. By sponsoring our program, you’ll be able to reach this engaged and active community, who are always looking for new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Northern Europe

We’re accepting both in-kind sponsorships and cash from companies who are interested in being a part of our exciting and innovative program.

Partners who join the PortalDAO family will get the benefit of being featured in multiple locations: PortalDAO, The Future Thinkers Podcast, The Future Thinkers Smart Village at Wells Gray Golf and RV Resort, our Maker Space, and our partners pages and promo videos.

Also, to recognize the contributions of our sponsors, we’ll be creating custom NFTs to represent each of the sponsored products and organizations.

Our community members will have the chance to win or earn these NFTs through contests and as rewards for completing work and courses on our website and within our eco village community. This is a fantastic opportunity for your company to showcase your products to a highly-engaged and motivated audience.

If you want to help build a more sustainable future and get in front o the PortalDAO and Future Thinkers audience, then fill out the form below.

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