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PortalDAO is a initiative that experiments with collective intelligence and decentralized collaboration through software, group practices, AI assistance, and governance models, with Archetypes NFTs as the key to membership and exclusive experiences.


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about the art

PortalDAO has created the largest collection of AI generated masks in the world, which will be released as the Archetypes NFT collection:

- Every Mask is Based on an Archetype
- 8 months of generating 100 images per day
- 24,890 images generated
- 10,000 masks selected and edited
- 419.58 hours of render time
- Over 2,000 hours of editing

PortalDAO intro

PortalDAO is an initiative created by the hosts of Future Thinkers Podcast, which is working on developing a DAO that will experiment with decentralized collaboration in the areas of art, wisdom, and resilience.

Integrating ChatGPT

PortalDAO is an innovative project that is integrating ChatGPT AI for aspects of governance, idea generation, conflict mediation, proposal creation & evaluation, and many other uses.

Using land

Archetypes NFT holders (PortalDAO members) have access to a 400-acre Campground and RV resort in BC, Canada, where physical experiments take place and exclusive annual events are hosted for the DAO participants.

Collab on Experiments

Archetypes NFT holders can collaborate on creating experiments in art, wisdom, resilience, and governance - in digital spaces, online community at PortalDAO, and during physical events.

Archetypes utilities

PortalDAO gives its Archetypes NFT holders voting rights, early investment opportunities in related projects, airdrops and rewards, access to experts and educational courses, proprietary data from experiments, tickets to exclusive events, and many other perks.

Participate in Community

Some of the ways to participate in the PortalDAO community through Archetypes NFTs include collaborating on experiments in art, wisdom, resilience, and governance, taking part in journeys & rites of passage, taking courses, and attending exclusive online & offline events.

Integrating technical and physical

The PortalDAO system for collaboration integrates technical and organizational tools, practices for human-to-human connection, and in-person training to create a truly full-featured toolkit for decentralized collaboration and collective intelligence.

Decentralized Collab

By experimenting with decentralized collaboration tools, PortalDAO is pushing the limits of what's possible for DAOs and distributed communities.

Masks & Archetypes

Masks and Archetypes tap into deep psychological and cultural themes. Masks have been used in various cultural traditions for storytelling, ceremonial and spiritual purposes. Archetypes represent universal patterns of human experience found across cultures and time.


Also Coming Soon

3d Archetypes

More perks, more land-based utilities, more ways to earn, more to unlock…
Only available to Archetype holders.

A Real Place For Experiments

PortalDAO benefits from having access to the Wells Gray Golf and RV Resort, a physical location for experiments, journeys, and events. This resource allows us to explore both digital and physical worlds and push the limits of what is possible in the realms of art, wisdom, and resilience.


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Mike Gilliland

Designer, Entrepreneur, Village Builder, Podcaster

CEO and Co-Founder

Euvie Ivanova

Educator, Writer, Village Builder, Podcaster