PortalDAO is a network of communities built around resiliency.

Archetypal mask NFTs grant access to a network, who’s job is to:

PortalDAO is a first of its kind organization dedicated to building the full stack of human resilience.


Why the Network Should Exist

The world is in the middle of several large scale disruptions to the environment, economy, supply chains, and other life supporting systems.

We think there is an opportunity to combine decentralized collaboration, experience-based learning, fundraising, and governance to build portals into the new world.

We are developing a funding and education platform to help people learn about, crowdfund, and participate in resilient & regenerative projects all over the globe.


Why Resilience?

Performance During Disruption

Resilience is about minimizing the time it takes for you to absorb, recover, and adapt after a disruption.

Resilience is foundational to human survival, evolution, and thriving, and with more communities focused on helping people build resilience, everyone benefits. 

Resilience is built through exposure to disruption, and by voluntarily leaning into discomfort. As the saying goes, hard times create strong people, strong people create good times, good times create weak people, and weak people create hard times.

What if we designed environments to promote resilience?

The Full Resilience Stack

Both online and offline, these environments will engage in:

🛠️ Education & skill building
🏋️‍♂️ Natural health
🏕️ Resilience training
🌱 Food sovereignty
🗺️ Localism & bioregional economies
💸 Decentralized funding


Who to Engage to Advance Our Purpose

PortalDAO will engage individuals and organizations who work in various areas of regenerative and resilient culture, such as regenerative finance, permaculture, maker-culture, natural building, bioregional economies, social technologies, art, and land stewardship.

Professionals & Founders

🛠️ Builders
🎨 Artists
🎓 Students
🏡 Land owners
💸 Investors


An Archetypal approach to community

PortalDAO will be divided into 4 guilds that are responsible for different functions within the network. These guilds follow an archetypal hero’s journey and are meant to be cultural pillars for the community and the extended network. Guilds exist to connect people, generate wisdom, gather and distribute resources, and provide real experiences.


Experiential Network
Journey is about going on quests and experiences that initiate participants.


Dealflow & Trade Network
Gift is about raising funds to invest in resilient & regenerative projects.


Coordination & Action Network
Gather is about meetups, events, and taking collective action.



Wisdom is about courses & workshops, & documenting lessons learned.

Masks & Archetypes

The Token / Membership / Passport / Access Key

Archetypes represent the different roles in the tribe. Likes masks, these roles can be temporarily worn when they’re needed, and removed when they aren’t. That is why we chose Archetypal Masks as the visual portion of the project. Masks are the gateway to many things in the network…

Each mask is 100% unique, and some masks come with secret / hidden perks and membership to hidden tribes. You can trade masks to get the ones you like, and you can buy multiple masks to unlock more perks in the future.


Things We Can Do Together That We Can’t Do Alone

When considering what a network could make possible, conversations largely reflected an interest in:

🏔️ Access to crowdfunded land deals
🫶 Building a community of support
📚 Accelerating shared learning
🏡 Access to accommodations in multiple communities
🖇️ Reducing duplication of effort & organizational silos

Initial ideas to explore include:

  • Creating a sense of community where people can connect with others building regenerative projects.
  • Curating education and best practices from the different parts of the regenerative culture community.
  • Building a regenerative economic network, and making the financial case for investments in regenerative culture and projects.
  • Facilitating events and governance practices in the regenerative culture community.

Networked Advantages

Benefits of Resource & Knowledge Pooling

There are a few potential advantages to pooling funds together in an online community to buy land:

  • Increased buying power
  • Shared risk
  • Shared expertise
  • Greater diversification
  • Crowdsourced learning & best practices
  • Tool and resource sharing

Membership to PortalDAO


  • Join a community of like-minded people working towards a common goal
  • Have a say in the culture & direction of the organization
  • Access to the knowledge, experiences, and meetups
  • Collaboration & leadership opportunities
  • Access to exclusive investment deals and funds pooling opportunities
  • Get financial rewards for staking and contributing to the organization

Join us

Become a part of the project by buying one of the NFTs, joining our group calls, and helping  us to build out the 4 networks.