What is PortalDAO?

PortalDAO brings artists, village builders, and crypto enthusiasts together to create and fund meaningful, regenerative, protopian projects.

PortalDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is stewarded through a collection of NFTs called Archetypes, which give its holders special benefits.

What does PortalDAO do?

PortalDAO’s 3 key activities

  1. Make Protopian Art
    PortalDAO works with artists to create myths that build and heal society. Completed projects become part of the labyrinth of portals, telling the story of rebirth and regeneration.
  2. Support Protopian Projects
    Artists and village builders can submit proposals and earn prizes for winning competitions inside PortalDAO. Archetype holders get voting rights on competitions and proposals.
  3. Build Protopian Communities
    PortalDAO partners with regenerative villages around the world to build beautiful structures that strengthen communities and work with nature.

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes NFTs are the keys to PortalDAO. They are required for accessing the Runes – Journey, Gift, Gathering, and Wisdom. Each of the Runes gives its holders special perks.

What are the benefits of owning an Archetype?

  • Membership to the PortalDAO community, with voting rights on projects and competitions.
  • Private Portal experiences – geocache adventures, IRL events, and access to secret locations IRL and metaverse.
  • Holders-only perks, discounts, giveaways, and airdrops.
  • Special passes to village building courses and workshops from our partners.
  • Ownership of your Archetype, including commercial rights and exclusive access to the high resolution artwork.
  • Allowlist access for any future NFT collections released through PortalDAO

What is the lore behind the Archetypes?


Archetypes are ancient parts of the human psyche. They’re different modes of being that helped our ancestors survive and thrive. Archetypes go to the core of human experience. They’re a part of our collective unconscious, which is why they’re so ingrained in our myths and stories, where they appear in the form of characters.

Each Archetype represents a deep and ancient force in the human psyche: ingenuity, inventiveness, attunement, discipline, wisdom, curiosity…

Which Archetype will you choose to embody?


The materials that each Archetype is made out of are named after archetypal processes of transformation, such as mutation, growth, insight, grief, clarity, and awe. The materials themselves are also archetypal – fire, water, air, earth, blood, gold, and many others.


The Archetypes appear in one of three stages.

  • Light – Common stage. Embodying the light – the positive and beautiful aspects of life – is easiest.
  • Shadow – Rare stage. Facing the shadow – the dark and hidden aspects of the human psyche that exist within you – is much harder.
  • Integrated – Rarest stage. Choosing to embody the good, the true, and the beautiful – while also fully accepting the darkness within yourself – is the hardest of the three.

Will there be multiple seasons?


The 6 archetypal masks chosen for Season 1 of the project are:

  • Magician
  • Lover
  • Creator
  • Explorer
  • Warrior
  • King

Season 2 Archetypes will be:

  • Mother
  • Sage
  • Jester
  • Outlaw
  • Innocent
  • Everyperson

What are some of the things I will see inside PortalDAO?

A community of creators and mythmakers, competitions with prizes, project proposals, treasure hunts, new NFT collections, and whatever else the community will dream up.

Do I have to hold an Archetype to join PortalDAO?

Anyone can join the public area, but only Archetype holders can vote on competitions, access the private areas and have special privileges.

How was this project made?

Each Archetype NFT was handcrafted by a group of 6 artists over the course of a year, using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Element 3D, Blender, Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, and Logic Pro.

The mask designs were inspired by traditional hand-carved wooden masks from cultures around the world. Each mask represents one of the 6 archetypes.

The designs around the Archetype masks were meant to be ornate doorways leading to new worlds, with the archetypes as guardians to those worlds. The background of each Archetype is a conceptual design for a protopian village built to exist in harmony with nature.

How can I buy an Archetype?

There are 3 ways to buy an Archetype:

  • Through the allowlist [SIGN UP]
  • During the main mint
  • After the main mint is finished, the collection will live on Opensea

What else is unique about the project?

The music of each archetype was composed to encourage the listener to embody each archetype through meditation.

The overall design of the archetypes was crafted to be ornate and proudly displayed. All of the designs were created in such a way that the industrious maker can feed the vector files into a CNC machine, laser cutter, or a 3D printer to create their own wall art.

What do the symbols mean?

The symbols in each of the doorways are designed after the 4 elements, and signify hidden meaning, purpose, and benefits for its owner.

  • The water element is called Journey and represents the stream of IRL and virtual experiences (Portals).
  • The air symbol is called Gift and it represents the perks of having an Archetype. Gifts will be (air)dropped to Archetype holders in the future.
  • The earth mushroom symbol is called Gather. It represents the community, the DAO and the voting rights.
  • The fire symbol is called Wisdom, and represents access to courses & workshops.

How and why do NFTs, villages, and art go together?

Art simplifies complex ideas. Art communicates truth. Art makes uncomfortable ideas more palatable. Art attracts people. Art makes places more livable.

Therefore, art is a great starting point for bringing people together and building villages.

NFTs are a new medium for delivering that art, and potentially funding the building of those villages. NFTs also make for great “access keys” to DAOs, places where people can coordinate in a decentralized way and build cool things.