ChatGPT Integration – Dev Blog #2

We invented a “taxonomy of information” for how ChatGPT could participate in a DAO and found a very effective way to integrate ChatGPT with the database and WordPress to utilize Data Types, Frames, and Activities.

  • Data types – categories of data (in the case of wordpress, custom post types and custom fields). Example:
    • Proposals
    • Discord conversations
    • User profiles
    • Bounties
  • Frames – Roles ChatGPT can take in a given context.
    • Pretend you are a DAO proposal evaluation expert, help me evaluate this proposal
    • From the frame of the non-violent communication, help me solve a conflict between 2 DAO members
  • Activities
    • Make introductions
    • Evaluate / give feedback
    • Solve a problem
    • Summarize information
    • Write