22 Ways Modern Civilization Has Made Humanity Weaker

Modern civilization has allowed humans to develop complex systems of medicine, agriculture, and technology, which have made us more abundant and resilient to a wide range of challenges. However, this abundance is a double edged sword. Modern civilization has created a dependence on these systems, on comfort, and on efficiency, which has made us less […]

How NFTs Can Be Used To Build Community Resilience

Before we get into specifics of how NFTs can be used to build resilience, we need to first take a look at the broader reasons one might want to use NFTs in their organization: Overall, NFTs offer a unique combination of ownership, scarcity, and verifiability, which creates new opportunities for creators, collectors, and investors. Now […]

Meta Skills That Build Human Resilience

First of all, why is it important to build resilience? When life is smooth and you’re feeling secure and at ease, the motivation to develop resilience and prepare for challenges may not exist. However, this could result in a false sense of security as life is inherently uncertain and obstacles may arise at any moment. […]